Monday, October 25, 2010

Some things just never change

Here's a picture that my dad dug up for me--it's me sitting in a 1985 Corvette test vehicle.  My Dad was a GM engineer back in those days, and GM loaned cars out to employees to test and collect feedback. This was when I had just recently gotten my driver's license, and I was all about cars (and girls).  Fortunately, he trusted me enough to let me take it to the end of our driveway and back.  I wanted one of those babies forEver after that.

Here's a pic from last week at Convergence.  Anything look similar?  The Corvette has gotten sexier, and well... let's just say I haven't.  Being that this is the new QNX Connected Car 2.0, it doesn't get driven too much.  I got to back this beautiful machine out of the QNX garage before the show, for about 15 feet driving distance total.

I just hope it's not another 25 years before I get another chance at taking one out on the road.  Not only would my retirement-age body probably break a hip getting down into such a low-riding car, I'd like it if I could still drive over 40 mph on the highway.