Monday, December 6, 2010

RIM acquires TAT

The Astonishing Tribe is kind of a strange little name for a company, so most people refer to it by just the letters T. A. T.  (Note to those of you like me who have incorrectly pronounced it "tat" like "tit for tat"; instead they spell the letters out.) They are a small Swedish company that does some pretty amazing UI design.  QNX has encountered them before via a number of shared automotive accounts, although they're much better known to the rest of the world for their work in the mobile space.  They've created the designs of a huge number of mobile handsets, and they were the prime contributor to Android's look & feel.

Now, we're happy to have them as a sister company.  As of December 2nd, RIM acquired TAT.  Although we worked with TAT before, I'm sure this means a lot more interaction between QNX and TAT in the weeks to come.