Thursday, January 6, 2011

Consumer Telematics Seminar: Thilo Koslowski of Gartner

At the CTS show, the day before CES in Las Vegas.  Some brief notes from the first presenter Thilo, which was a great presentation and mirrors many of the findings that we have about the industry. These notes were typed in from my BlackBerry, so I apologize for the brevity.

App integration may not pay off short term Connectivity is here Dealers excited (including wireless updates) Controlled app portals are the solution everyone has converged on Nav is almost (soon) commodity

Infotainment architecture made up of: HMI, Content approach, Service apps, connectivity, Ecosystem. These are the differentiators.

Smartphones connectivity will dominate--actual "connected cars" are minority (not ever enough to influence carriers).

It's not a "connected car" but "connected driver" (90% single driver)

Dynamic apps: what are consumer prefs?
1)Wireless map updates
2)Real time traffic
4)Remote s/w download
5)Real-time news

What isn't top interest? Financial info, social networking, buying concert tix

Design criteria for content:
Content Develop, Content Access, Content Management

HMI preferences in order:
1) dedicated switches. (Consumer Reports complain about Sync lacking them is an example that mirrors customer surveys).
2) Natural language
3) Touch screen
4) Augmented reality HUD
5) guided voice
6) Touchpad OCR (europe),
7) clickwheel

Challenges for the market:
*cost--multiple options at different price points *app fatigue (overinflated expectations) *Not "is there an app" but "should there be"?
*Driver distraction.
*Smartphones as benchmark.

PNDs are contuining a decline in consumer preference. 2009 33% to 2010 15%