Friday, September 18, 2009

DSO is the worst marketing term ever invented

Of course I'm biased: I work for QNX, and DSO is a Wind River term.  Please take that information as a full disclosure up front.

But come on now--really.  "Device Software Optimization?"  This acronym, which has been around for forever now, is Wind River's TLA that they love to trot out at any opportunity.  I've asked a lot of people what it means (WRS employees included), and nobody has a consistent answer.  Even reading Wind's marketing copy doesn't illuminate.  Why?  Because it means nothing.

Device Software Optimization means to optimize the software to the device?  Where I'm from, that's called "writing software".  How many engineers don't do DSO, even if they don't have the faintest clue what that means, or don't use any WRS products?  Exactly my point--all of them.

Maybe someone reading this post will be able to finally once and for all be able to explain DSO to me and lift the fog.  Please do.  I remain open to the possibility that I shouldn't hate this term.

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  1. Um. . . I think DSO really stands for "Do (or Does) Something Obvious" . . . =)