Friday, April 9, 2010

Yesterday QNX Wins OCRI Award. Today QNX Acquired by RIM

I attended the Ottawa Carleton Research Institute awards last night as part of the QNX contingent. We were there as finalists for an award with Alcatel-Lucent for the OCRI Strategic Partnership of the Year. And we won! I was pretty excited to blog about that this morning.

Except that this morning there's a slightly more pressing bit of news and something a little more exciting to blog about. QNX will be acquired by RIM, which was announced this morning at 9AM. Exciting!

What does it all mean for our customers and our markets?

  • We're staying in automotive, and increasing our focus on devices and connectivity with initiatives like QNX CAR.
  • We're still going to be supporting Harman-Becker and all of our other automotive customers. 
  • We're staying in the industrial space, and continuing to support those customers and processors with real-time improvements, industrial protocols, and multicore support.
  • We're going to be continuing our innovation in products and strategies around HMI development
  • We're going to be expanding our staff to handle new challenges.
  • We are scaling back unfettered access to Foundry27, but we'll still provide all of our BSPs in source, and our source code will still be available free of charge to customers who need it.

There are plenty of questions I can't answer, even if I knew the answers. But expect that new and exciting developments will be coming your way...


  1. does it open doors for QNX to enter into handheld market?

  2. Welcome to RIM :-)