Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RIM breaks into top 5 cell phone makers

Now that I'm part of RIM, I'm a lot more sensitive to RIM-related news as you might guess. Like this: Reuters analysis of Smartphone market: RIM makes top 5. This happy little tidbit explains how RIM has finally broken into the top 5 cellphone makers, edging out Sony Ericsson.

Software is the key thing that differentiates the top smart phones from the rest of the pack. That puts the pressure on LG and Samsung, who haven't been traditionally strong in that area. And HP just acquired Palm to get the Pre software. It's going to be an interesting summer...

What's the newest Blackberry going to look like? Take a peek at this, announced last week at WES 2010:
Blackberry OS 6 preview video. One of my smart-alec coworkers said that apparently you have to learn how to dance to use the phone. Naw. You just have to like the Black Eyed Peas.

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