Tuesday, August 3, 2010

GenIVI report slams QNX. Independent view seems to differ.

While Canada was sleeping (yesterday was the Civic Holiday in Canada), the GenIVI Alliance released a report that "predict[s] QNX will withdraw from the IVI market eventually. Questionable future is also due to lack of a consortium (such as GENIVI) to drive the architecture."

Seems a little self serving for GenIVI to state that we won't be successful because we're not GenIVI.  It's news to me also that we're withdrawing from the market, especially since we're hiring more people every day in support of the business we're continuing to grow.

Apparently the report doesn't hold water with independent analysts either.  Roger Lanctot in his Strategy Analytics blog disputes quite a few points in the GenIVI report as simplistic or overstating the facts.  He shows too that the report attempts to bolster the GenIVI point of view without providing any real evidence.  Interestingly enough, the GenIVI report claims that it interviewed people throughout the industry, including QNX.  I'd be interested to know who exactly they interviewed at QNX and what they contributed to that report.

The GenIVI Alliance publishes the summary report, but of course you can't read the full version of the report without joining GenIVI.  (No wonder they have so many members!  Maybe I should publish a slanderous white paper about GenIVI, but you have to join QNX CAR to read it :-)

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  1. I'm not in automotive but I've seen QNX CAR, and to be honest, I don't understand why there is a thing like GenIVI? Who needs anything else when there is QNX, and QNX CAR?