Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Automotive Meets Communication (AMC) 2010

It appears I am unable to do "live blogging"--my blogs are always at least a week after the fact.  Maybe I'll do a blog about this sometime :-)  In any case...

Last week, I attended the AMC 2010 conference held in Bonn, Germany.  Lots of participation from the telecom and automotive industry, talking about how they could and are working together to build the future of connected automobiles.  I had a speaking panel spot that, although it was the only non-German language presentation, seemed to be quite well received.  My presentation was about emerging trends in automotive, and the thanks to the material has to go to my colleague Andrew Poliak, whom I plagiarized from mercilessly. Of course, "borrowing" material happens all the time throughout the business world.

Here's a great case in point: one of the AMC speakers from BMW had a great word bubble diagram (attached below). The picture was a great one, mainly (in my view) because it included a "QNX" plug (red text; look in the lower right hand part of the "cloud"). Coming from BMW, who has been a big supporter of Linux, I just loved this slide.

The funny part of the story is that I was talking about how I was going to blog this with my colleague Paul Leroux, who is a ferocious blogger.  I started out with, "say Paul, I've got this pic I want to show you, but you have to promise that you won't blog about it first."
"No problem," Paul said, as I opened the pic.  Paul immediately gave an exclamation of surprise and then added, quite seriously, "I've already blogged about it, about a year ago.  That guy is using my diagram!"  He showed me in his blog where he had created the diagram.

It is getting so frustrating blogging about anything before Paul does--he even goes back into time to preempt me!  Even if I start blogging during the event next time, I can't beat Paul!

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