Monday, August 22, 2011

Driver Distraction meeting in Kyoto

Although driver distraction is a serious topic, who said it has to be devoid of any humor? I'm currently representing QNX at the ITU-T Focus Group for Driver Distraction in Kyoto. Despite my jetlag, I've been hanging in there at full attention during all the discussion and debate, even when it came to the drawn out interchange about world wide standards bodies that relate to, intersect with, provide input , or receive output from our work here. That particular conversation was brutal.

That's why I especially appreciated having started the day out with the following picture:
It gave a good chuckle to the crowd of twenty or so representatives from industry, standards bodies, academics, and government agencies present, including myself.  This came from a presentation from Dr. Motoyuki Akamatsu from Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), the picture itself being from an earlier 1990 Driver Study.  After that little bit of levity, we went back to the remainder of Dr. Akamatsu's presentation regarding distraction measurement with periodic   occlusion techniques, a slightly more studious topic.

After two days, we've had a lot of great contributions and participation, and I think we've made some good progress.

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