Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cool BlackBerry App World Feature

I wanted to use HootSuite on my new Torch (which, to my delight I'm really enjoying).  I went to the HootSuite website from my phone as I didn't know if there was an app or not. Instead of getting some ill-defined mobile rendered version, I got an "Do you want to install this app?" screen. Now that's cool. My iPhone makes me hunt through the app store to get what I want. It's extrememly timely to have the website that I'm using be able to automatically download their BlackBerry app when I visit their web page.
Maybe Apple can do that, but I've never seen it!

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  1. I too have a Torch (not the newest version) and really like it -- enjoy the flexibility of using a keyboard, a touchscreen, or both. Mind you, I think I have shiny pebble disease... have found myself hankering for a new 9900 after seeing a colleague use one. :-)