Wednesday, October 7, 2009

QNX CAR wins Adobe MAX: Dollars, Developers, and Drivers.

News flash--QNX CAR won the Adobe MAX award for the mobile category!  Of course, this is wonderful news to everyone in QNX.  But what does it really mean?

You can interpret this in several ways:
  • QNX is creating technology for the car that competes with the best offerings for mobile phones.
  • The automobile is extending a person's ubiquitous connection to the cloud, just like smartphones have.
  • Unlike GenIVI, QNX CAR is actually delivering on the promise of a standardized automotive platform by introducing applications from many different disperate companies.
  • Adobe Flash has become a legitimate force within the automotive electronics environment.
  • QNX is brushing off the stodgy image of the automotive market as being a slow moving and non-innovative in electronics.
  • The QNX CAR-based automotive infotainment system is becoming a new avenue to attract the best in application developer talent.
Almost any way you look at it, this award means something far more substantial than just "we won".  It means that the car is fast becoming an additional channel to attract dollars, developers and drivers.

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