Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ngConnect and the LTE Connected Car

I'm writing this from my New York hotel room, after having spent a long day doing press interviews from dawn to dusk.  I'm pretty bushed, actually, but I wanted to be the first to blog about the ng Connect Connected Car that QNX and Alcatel-Lucent announced today (http://ngconnect.org/).  That hope was dashed almost immediately once the day begun, since the press was blogging about it while they were still actually at our event, sneaking off into corners of the showroom to blog the second after they were done talking to us.  Reporters today are pretty darn efficient!  I think Wired may have been first (living up to their name), and there was actually no competition from me.  But maybe, just maybe, I thought I could at least be the first in my company to blog about it.  Nope.  Two of my coworkers beat me to the punch.  Also dreadfully efficient. 

I could tell you all about how the collaboration of the ng Connect companies bring together innovators and experts from across many different spaces--networking, infrastructure, automotive, content--and make a sum that's greater than the parts.  I could explain how Long Term Evolution (LTE), sometimes called 4G, will revolutionize the car experience by bringing broadband connections to the car, allowing on-demand streaming audio and video, cloud-based navigation, floating traffic probes, collecting diagnostics, viewing your home PVR content, and general Internet Web 2.0 awesomeness.  I could say how great the partnership between QNX and Alcatel-Lucent has been in working together to build the vehicle that showcases this amazing technology.  I could talk about how the software platform was all constructed on top of the QNX CAR application platform, and how that since QNX CAR is Flash based, it made it trival for other ng Connect partners like Atlantic Records, Chumby, and Kabillion to port over their content to the ng Connect Connected Car.  I could explain how little I've actually seen of NYC while I've been here.

Instead of all that, I'll let you read my coworker's blogs for the real scoop.  Maybe when I catch up on my sleep, I'll post a little more.  Until then, take a look at these:



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